Grand Chelem Racing Wheel

Ref: FT7016
UPC: 8436563094255

· Zero latency and Dead Zone Absence: The Grand Chelem features precision and instant steering response to ensure an optimal driving experience.
· Compatible with multiple platforms: The FR-TEC wheel is compatible with PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.
· 270-Degree steering angle: The rotation of the Grand Chelem Racing Wheel corresponds to 270 degrees from its center position, both left and right, placing it within a range that provides excellent control in your races.
· High-Quality details: The rubber finish on the wheel rim ensures optimal grip during driving, delivering a realistic feel to the racing experience.
· 2-in-1 Gear Shifting: You can perform gear shifts in both H-pattern and sequential styles.
· Fully configurable pedal system: The pedal set included with the Grand Chelem driving kit offers the ability to adjust resistance and position according to your needs at any given moment.

User Manual